New Jersey Shore

The beaches along the entire Jersey Shore are all very well maintained and clean. There are many things to see and do along the entire coast. The shore is about 127 miles in length. Cape May is the southern most point while Sandy Hook National Park is the northern most point. When traffic is not an issue, one can drive the entire length of the shore in about two-three hours.

Nowhere else will you find such a diverse array of activities. Some of the activities at the shore include shopping, golf, tennis, fishing, boating, crabbing, and more. The addition of an exceptional night life makes the Jersey Shore the perfect vacation getaway location. All of the towns along the coast are unique giving visitors a different experience for each town.

If you are flying into the shore region, you will want to fly into either the Philadelhia International Airport, One of the New York City airports, or the Atlantic City airport. Once you are in the region, most of your traveling can be done via the Garden State Parkway which is a toll road, but is well worth the money if you are traveling more than 20 miles. In many situations you can drive from town to town without using the highways, but if you are traveling a further distance the highway is preferred. If you have a lot of extra time, traveling through each town can be a scenic experience.

Recommended Literature: The Jersey Shore: From Atlantic City to Cape May, by Jen A. Miller

New Jersey Shore Beaches

Most of the Jersey Shore towns require beach tags to gain access to the beach. Atlantic City and Wildwood are the only towns that do not have this requirement. Each town has its own specific rule regarding the use of the beach and we suggest that you check with each of those towns before arrival. The prices of the tags vary from about $15 to $25 per season, $7 to $15 for a week, and approximately $4 to $6 for daily use. Most towns allow children under 12 to be at the beach for free. This information is always changing, so we suggest visiting the town's website before visiting. This will ensure the most accurate information.