Information for renters
Renters, it is free to browse the listings on our site and there is no need to register. This page will serve as a guide on how to get the most out of this site from a renter's perspective.
Why a shore rental and not just a hotel?
Most shore towns simply don't have many hotels. This is most likely due to the seasonal nature of the business. Although there are some hotels in the shore region, most of them are smaller family owned hotels and just don't have the same amenities as larger hotel chains. Rentals also provide a better value for the vacationer, especially the larger rentals when split amongst multiple families. You will have many of the same amenities that you have at home such as kithcens, comfortable furniture, and television.
Who to contact if interested in a rental
If you are interested in a property on this site, please do not contact the site management. You need to contact the manager of the rental directly. Each manager is repsonsible for providing adequate contact information. It should be displayed on each individual property listing page.
Security deposits
Some managers may require that you leave a security deposit before renting. This is a very common practice and all managers have different policies.
Many managers will require you to sign a short term lease before gaining access to the property. A short term lease can be as short as a day or a weekend. This will be a contract between you and the owner/agent. Again every manager will have different policies. The web site management does not participate in any transaction between the renters and the managers. It is advised for renters to thoroughly examine all literature about the property before signing off.
Items you need to bring with you on vacation
The items that you need to bring with you will vary from property to property. Each manager is given the ability to enter items that are provided for you. Some managers provide everything from soap to shampoo and linens. Others may require you to bring your own necessities. Make sure you find out ahead of time from the owner/agent what you need to bring.