Owner/Agent information page
It is free to add a Jersey Shore property listing on our site. There's no strings attached or catches. There's no future obligations and no credit card numbers taken. Owners and agents are all invited to list as many properties as they like as long as it is kept to one property per listing. Simply, a free listing. Listing is very easy and can be done using the 5 following steps.
Step #1 Register
The first step to creating a listing on our site is to register. This is a very easy process and takes less than 5 minutes. All you need is an email address and of course a property that you would like to make available for rental. The registration asks some very simple questions such as your name and contact information. This process will then send an email to the address that you provide. Clicking on the link in the email will verify your email address. You will then be registered. Your username will be your email address and you will create your password at the registration. Your contact information is not sold or given to any 3rd parties. Your information stays completely within our company and confidential. A credit card is not needed for this process.
Step #2 Sign In
Once you complete the registration, you can sign into our site. This can be done from the home page where there is a box for manager sign in. Your userid is the email address used during the registration process and your password was also created at that time. Once you sign in, you will arrive at your own personal summary page. This is similar to a control panel for your account. From this page you will create listings, edit listings, view your inquiries, and create reports. If you navigate away from this page, you can always return from the header of the site.
Step #3 Create your listing
Once you have signed in, you can create a new listing. Towards the top of the summary, you will see where to click to add a new property listing. You will then see a form. This form is where you can enter all of the information about your rental. Your listing is now live.
Step #4 Update your calendar and upload photos
At this point your listing is created and live, but you may want to add photos or update your calendar. To do this, go to your summary page and click edit for the applicable property listing. At the top of that page, you will see where to click to add the photos and update the calendar. On the calendar screen to mark a day as booked, just click on it. The mark it as unbooked, click on it again. A red day signifies booked whereas a white box signifies not booked.
Step #5 Review and edit
Please make sure to review your listing for errors. Any errors can be corrected by using the edit page for the applicable property listing. Renter's will contact you directly either by phone or online via our site. Whenever you get an inquiry via our site, you will get an email delivered to the address you provided at registration. Your email address is totally hidden from the renter until you actually reply to the renter.